Welcome to my blog!

I'm Zaira and this is my new blog where you can find anything from fashion inspirations to books reviews and diary-style updates. 

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A little bit about me


Hi! I'm an Italian girl, living in the U.K. I am an English and Drama university student and I have too many passions for my own good; so I will save you time with not listing them all, because you might not care. However, something you need to know about me is that I've always got my head in the clouds. Growing up my mum would always tell me that I was too distracted and clumsy and that I should keep my feet to the ground because dreams don't bring anywhere. Well guess what? I am clumsy and distracted and I am proud of it, because having a dream and fighting for it is one of the most clear expression of living. I don't know about you, but if I didn't have a dream - or multiple in my case -  to define me I wouldn't know who I'd be and what I'd want from life. 


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